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Sunset Reads: William & Cristina

Sunset Reads: William & Cristina - D.C. Triana Finished this book last night, and finally got around to posting the review.
The truth is, I loved it. I mean, an author does love to read about authors, and I just haven't gotten to books like this since forever!
This is the story of William and Cristina, beautiful, stubborn people with a LOT of sexual tension between them. Really. A Lot. Will's the boss. Cristina the employee. They hate each other all the way, up until they love each other :) my favorite kind of love story.
Awesome read up until the happy ending.

Savaged Lands

Savaged Lands - Lana Kortchik 5 Stars!
I can't say I've read many WWII stories. It's never easy to read about Nazis, but I absolutely loved this one. Natasha was amazing, and Mark even better! He's the hero we're always looking for. I felt the sadness, Natasha's connection to her family, the hope, and I strongly felt the love. Amazing book; highly recommended!


Incandescence - Xunaira J. Incandescence is a story about Alisha, a strong heroine, Anis, the sexy hero, and the accident that changed both their lives. It was a light and fun read, and I enjoyed it for the most part.
The story started off a bit slow. I loved the dual POVs, and I really liked Anis, but I liked Alisha's character a bit more. She is the kind of woman who holds her own, and in the face of the accident that changes her completely, she doesn't back down. The best part for me was watching Alisha and Anis fall in love, and definitely Anis's attitude towards Alisha's accident. Wish there were more men like him haha. The end was very beautiful.


Boundaries - Ica Iova Gabriela is a strong woman, career driven, beautiful. She also doesn't believe in love. But when she lands her dream job and her boss, Landon, turns out to be the guy starring in the most unforgettable night of her life, she is forced to rethink all her principles.
Landon was a classic womanizer until he had an amazing night with a woman 2 years ago, and never got over it. When the same woman shows up for a job interview, he just can't help himself. He's very persuasive, and Gabriela tries to seem unimpressed, but fails miserable, each time. She must learn to let go of her fear.

The story was an exciting read with a twist I did not see coming (maybe two twists?), but I enjoyed very much. I'd recommend it to all romance readers.